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Can You Eat Pizza With Braces?

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Braces require some dietary changes. You know you shouldn’t eat hard candy and nuts, but must you refrain from your beloved pizza too? In general, no. You CAN eat pizza with braces, but you still need to be careful.


You shouldn’t bite into anything with your front teeth because the brace won’t withstand any peel kind of force. This means you shouldn’t bite into an apple or a pizza. You can still eat these, but tear them and eat with side teeth or cut them with a knife, says Dr. Angolkar, a dentist in Seattle.

The kind of pizza you eat is important too. Soft-crust pizza is perfect, while hard and thick or thin crust can get stuck in your braces and damage them. Go for toppings in small pieces, such as mushrooms, tomatoes, crumbled bacon, or peppers.

Make Pizza at Home

If you’re unsure about how safe the offerings in local pizza places are, why not make your own pizza at home? It’s fun and easy. Just get some soft crusts, pick your favorite toppings, cut them up, put them on, and bake following the instructions.

Avoid Tough Toppings

Tough, chunky toppings are a no-no because they are hard to chew and bite through. Vigorous attempts might lead to rubber bands popping out or wires bending. A lot of people who’ve tried to chew through thick, burned parts have reported their braces coming off.

Pan Crust and Deep Dish Won’t Fail You

Pan crust pizza is always a good option, but do avoid thin New York crusts. Look for small, chewable toppings. Avoid Hawaiian pizza because pineapple is stringy. Most vegetables are fine. Tough, overcooked pepperoni could be a problem.

Chicago deep dish pizza is perfect for brace-wearers because it has a generous amount of sauce on top of the cheese. This pizza is cut into small bites and eaten using a fork.


Cheese is actually fine. Mozzarella may be stringy, but it is not sticky. If you think some cheese may have gotten caught in your braces, floss right away. Take small bites of the pizza no matter what you have on it. Eating your favorite dish slowly and savoring it won’t hurt you.

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Where to Eat?

Where can a brace-wearing pizza lover enjoy pizza in Seattle? We looked at the top pizza places and settled on World Pizza in the International District. You’ll enjoy each and every one of their vegetarian pizzas (they even have veggie pepperoni!). Meat lovers might find this a downside, but pizza is pizza, and veggies won’t do your braces harm unlike most meats.

Their dough is thin and chewy and their selection of pizza pies is fabulous. WP is definitely worth a visit, and no need to wait to have your braces removed.