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Dubai is an emirate and city in UAE, and consequently follows conservative Islam law. Being trans, gay, lesbian, or bi is against the law here. Trans people cannot be open about who they are. As a result, many of them go to great lengths to be extra safe. Some even try to walk like men if they were assigned the male gender at birth.

If that’s the case, are there any trans singles in Dubaiat all? You bet. It’s possible to meet and date them too. You just need to be discreet about it. Online dating sites are practically the only option if you want to meet a trans single. After chatting and getting to know each other a bit, you can meet in person. This might take a while because they’re very cautious, which is quite understandable. When you meet, it should be in the privacy of your home.

Many people who are interested in dating a trans person often wonder how to approach them about sex. Of course, sex before marriage is illegal in Islamic countries, but the old principle of “it didn’t happen if nobody found out” applies as always. Basically, you’d approach the subject just as you would with anyone else. Perhaps that’s not your forte. You could start by making a nice compliment. Tell them you think they’re really pretty, attractive, cute, or stunning. If they smile and say they like you too, that’s always a good sign. Ask them if they want to hook up or if they are looking for something more long-term. Respect their answer, whatever it is.

There are a lot of westerners in Dubai, including many who are trans, so (in private, of course), you’ll find people are a lot more open than you imagined. Feel free to talk about your sexual likes and dislikes, boundaries around what can or can’t be touched and issues of safe sex.

Is it ever OK to ask people about their relationship with their genitals? Definitely not right off the bat, and only if they’ve indicated they want to date. Never assume anything about how a trans person likes or wants based on their appearance, surgery status, or your previous experiences with trans people if any.