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Contrary to what some people think, Seattle has some of the tastiest pizzas that will leave you yearning for more. However, if you are new in Seattle or have never taken pizza before, you may find it hard to know the joints with the best pizza. Here is a list of some of the best places to eat pizza in Seattle:

Pizzeria Credo

At Pizzeria Credo, you will enjoy tasty wood cooked pizza specially prepared by experienced chefs.  The pizza is made using imported flour sourced from Italy. Chef Jacques ensures that every pizza has the right ingredients and to make it even better, you do not have to wait for too long to get your order.

Serious Pie

The chefs at Serious Pie always endure that they put the right amount of ingredients in each pizza. In addition, the pizzas are prepared in a wood-burning oven to preserve their great taste. Serious Pie has 2 locations and you will enjoy tasty pizzas from any of them.  In addition, you will enjoy your favorite drink.


Rocco’s is another great pizza place where you will be able to buy pizza at late hours. The ingredients used in making the pizza are carefully prepared to ensure that the taste is irresistible. Whether you want to order online or eat at the restaurant, you will enjoy the same great taste.

Mod Pizza

If you are yearning for a spicy and sweet pizza that is made using fresh ingredients, Mod Pizza is the place to be. Whether you want a meaty or a vegan pizza, the dedicated chefs will get it for you, just the way you want it. You will also be allowed to choose your preferred topping without paying additional costs.

The chefs at Mod pizza are really fast as well and will get your order ready in no time. According to the management, it is the positive impact they have on the employees and the community in Seattle that really matters. Whether you want a slice or a whole pizza, you’ll be able to buy it from this restaurant.

Taste a piece of this delicacy today and you will be addicted to it! You will keep going back for more.